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movies, nyc, europe, cheese, chinese food, orlando bloom, rodrigo santoro, hugh grant, shoes sex and the city, history, art, chocolate, la oreja de van gogh, jarabe de palo, anything italian

mostly, I just don't like feet...

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[31 Aug 2005|07:05pm]
aww i miss livejournal. it's so great. i especially love my icon. this is a really poinless post..oh well
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[28 Jun 2005|06:59pm]
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ciao [24 Jun 2005|06:07pm]
wow haven't used this in a while...well just got back from italy and i'm missing it terribly!!

long time no talk [26 May 2005|08:49pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

wow i miss the LJ. i've been pretty addicted to myspace. just want to update...i'm out




which sex and the city character are you? [23 Apr 2005|04:03pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Which Sex and the City Player Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

thanks to vicky and her myspace

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salve! [21 Apr 2005|06:36pm]
[ mood | complacent - used in history ]

Well, since several people have asked me to update my livejournal more often I decided to write a little bit today. (not that I have anything exciting to say) This past week has passed pretty quickly actually. Last night was pretty stressful, but everything turned out okay and today is pretty relaxed. I had a doctor's appointment for my surgery and he said tuesday we'll know if I can do it in the summer. (crossing fingers) Anyway, I can't really remember what I've been up to. I guess nothing extremely exciting has happened to me if not I would have remembered. I've been taking Italian with Danielle and it's absolutely fantastic. The title of this post is actually in Italian =) I don't think I'll be able to go Saturday thought because I have too much to do, but we'll see. I should be studying for the AP Euro exam like my idols Nicole and Vicky who study like everyday for it...gosh...buuuut I've gotten lazy so yeah I'll be getting a 0. I'm just looking forward to this summer and the trip to Italy WOOO! It's getting close, everyone!! I realized how close it was the other day at Janine's when we were celebrating the 16th year of her birth. Happy late one by the way...the cookie cake was fab.
So, this weekend is going to be filled with work eeesh..Saturday night is going to be my only time of leisure becasue I'm going to Josi's house..yeessss
Little update: I get my license May 3rd (hopefully I pass) and Danielle gets it April 27th ..i'm too excited.
Well, I'm out byyye

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happy birthdaay [06 Apr 2005|11:01pm]
[ mood | in a good mood ]

Just like to wish a very happy birthday to Patty and Erica..love you girls
I enjoyed out dinner pat and d.

Danielle...the next post is dedicated to you


back from D.C. [05 Apr 2005|06:17pm]
[ mood | busy ]

So yesterday I came back from one of the most spectacular cities in the world. Well, now that I think of it there's just too many fantastic cities (NYC being the best)...but this is definitely one of them. What can I say? I had a great time in Washington, D.C. I went with the fam...it would have been better with friends, but hey i can't complain. I went to visit Georgetown, which I LOVED. Now there's major competition with Columbia...buuut I haven't visited yet so don't freak out (directed to Janine and Victoria). I went everywhere. I loved all the memorials, mostly the WWII. My favorite was the National Gallery of Art...they had all my favorites. Also, at William-Sonoma (yes, I actually went to William-Sonoma while on my trip) I saw Giada and can't remember her last name right now. She's an Italian cook on food network. It was cool..love her. I had some absolutely amaaazing meals..which, unfortunately, are always the highlight of my trips since all I like to do is eat.

Got a lot to do today to catch up
Not looking forward to having to wake up at 6 for the field trip tomorroww...
Vivian...pick some earrings for me it's too tough of a decision.
Vicky...you've depressed me, but I love you.
Patty...I love tu carro =)

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[19 Mar 2005|12:29pm]
[ mood | angry ]

I'm soooo pissed off. I couldn't get U2 tickets. They sold out in 20 minutes! Whatever I'm signing up for Italian classes so that balances out my day.

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heyy [14 Mar 2005|04:59pm]
[ mood | feeling good ]

Just got assigned a term paper today...i need spring break!
I'm so excited for Vicky and Janine!! Have an awesome time in NYC girls!!! Think of me on the great campus of our gorgeous future school.

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goosfraba [11 Mar 2005|04:52pm]
[ mood | i ate a lot today ]

Today was a great shopping dayy..it's great medicine. I was in a really bad mood this morning, but it went away with shopping. I bought some summer clothes for Italy..a little early I know. We ate at merrick afterwards..my 2nd home according to Jackie. I'm in love with a Greek waiter there..wow. Well, i'm really excited about buying U2 tickets tomorrow even though the concert is in November. Nicoco..let me know what to do about that. I gtg finish I <3 huckabees with D..laterr

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quick congrats [06 Mar 2005|10:59pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I forgot to congratulate Nicole and Nikolai, who are now officially a couple. =)!

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long, but good day [06 Mar 2005|10:47pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Wow...DC and I saw several very hot men today...the 'J' men at the fasion show. It was a lot of fun, espeeecially going back stage to take the pictures of the boys. =)
Afterwards, we went to an ushering at UM...it wasn't that bad because we had starbucks and that always remedies me somehow. After a quick change into normal clothes we went to 6 o'clock mass. I saw Greg de carlo there...he grew up. For dinner we went to the wonderful Houston's...amazing dinner. On the way back home we jammed to Abba (not the rhyme scheme, nicole and vicky)...good fun! Whoever's reading this probably doesn't care...but w/e I felt like writing writing a little about my day. It was a very Danielle filled weekend since my rents were 'out of town.' well i'm going to bed

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Alright Weekend [06 Mar 2005|08:50am]
[ mood | as always ]

Last night I went to DC's house. We watched I <3 Huckabees. I didn't get to finish because my brother came to pick me up with his not so pretty date. I'm mean I know...oh well. Today I'm staying with DC and her fam all day because my parents are in the keys for their anniversery...hmm. We have a TLWG fashion show to attend with a very attractive man participating. Then we have to usher..blah. Friday was pretty fun. I Went out to Miyako with Fran and DC (by the way I've never called Danielle by that name before, but I thought I'd try it out). Afterwards, Ed and this kid David called DC to go out so we went to the Grove. It was one of DC's first times in another person's car without the rents so it was exciting for her. We went to Annohka...great restaurant. I think I'm going to go for a jog now since last night I ate like a cow...ciao

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new lj [05 Mar 2005|06:57pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I'd like to thank Vivian for making me a live journal. I wish mine was as gorgeous as hers, but that will never happen. What can I say...Vivian is the yoda of live journals.
OK...really random but I really feel like posting this conversation I just had with Callie..the funniest girl I know.
x callie marie x: you know what
x callie marie x: your whole family was in my dream last night
joana11988: wooah really
joana11988: wat happned
x callie marie x: i dont remember what it was about though i just know one part was that i went into this crazy obssesion with reptiles so i went to this store and bought a salamander ( which isn't even a reptile) a snake a turtle a frog a lizard and a crab ( not a reptile either)
x callie marie x: and then i had no room to keep them and they were grossing me out so i put them in this white paper bag
x callie marie x: all of them together.. and then they died
x callie marie x: and i dont know why your family was there but your brother was crying
x callie marie x: and your dad thought it smelled weird
x callie marie x: and then maybe you and your mom were shopping in france
x callie marie x: but i woke up feeling really bad about the " reptiles"
Whatever I have to go..there's some dinner at my house..later!

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